Depression is a much more common expereince than most people realise.  And, there are many famous and successful people who have lived with this condition.  Sometimes it can be triggered by an event in life (called a 'reactive depression) like losing your job or a loved one, or a significant change in your health.

Jon Kabat-Zinn (the originator of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) has co-authored a useful book entitled 'The Mindful Way though Depression' - it is a very useful resource with some exercises in it to work through.  The video below is based on illustrations from Matthew Johnstone, who has had his own battle to overcome depression, and wrote his best selling book 'I had a Black Dog' (published in 2005).

1:1 Sessions - we both have experience of working with people with depression so if you want some support contact us for an initial meeting to discuss this - see our 'Fees' page for details.  Initial meetings are without further obligation. 

'I had a Black Dog, his name was Depression' - for People with Depression