Anxiety is a very uncomfortable state chracterised by inner turmoil, nervous behaviours and rumination.  It is not the same as fear which is a response to a real or immediate threat, but anxiety is an expectation of a future threat.  It is one of the many symptoms of unresolved trauma and despite common perception can co-exist with depression.

Living with anxiety means you may have a tendency to withdraw from situations which have provoked anxiety in the past, thus reinforcing social anxiety and contributing to isolation.  As a result your life gets smaller and you become unhappy.

There is an alterantive though - with support you can approach the anxiety in ways which allow you to build resilience or an inner tolerence of the sensations to allow you to cope or better still resolve the original trauma.  Somatic Experiencing, Core Process Psychotherapy and Mindfulness are all useful approaches for anxiety - you can read more on them on the 'Approaches We Use' pages of this site.

1:1 Support - we both have significant experience of working with people with anxiety and you can discuss how we might be able to help you in an initial session - see our 'Fees' page for deatils.  Please feel free to contact us.