Dance Journeys
As Dancing Heart Path facilitators, we offer dance journeys to fellow professionals with an interest in becoming more embodied - both in your work and in your life.  You don't have to consider yourself be a 'dancer' to participate as the dance experience can be both internally and externally moving. 

What is embodied and experimented with on the dance floor, can resonate at deep levels and ripple out into your life in positive ways.  Dance is a life-enriching activity and, when undertaken in a group, it enhances your experience and the benefits - allowing you to be seen, supported and nourished by the group’s energy.

Dance journeys are themed but within each journey there is often space for connection, healing, playfulness and celebration.  Each journey is an opportunity and invitation to become more present with both ourselves and others - when we are, life unfolds with more ease.‚Äč

We offer these journeys as a beneficial form of self care and as continuing professional development for therapists and other professional wishing to explore this. 

Dance journeys - allow you to explore your power and potential and to develop grounded presence, for example:
  • to express and release - emotions need attention, breath and space to help them move
  • to connect - finding new ways to connect with ourselves and others with attunement and sensitivity
  • to create - tapping into our creativity and spontaneity which allows for authentic meeting and connecting
  • to change old patterns for new - exploring unfamiliar ways of moving, plus new ways of being or connecting
  • to listen - deeply through both movement and stillness, to your heart’s longings and body's needs
  • to envision your future - connecting with deep intentions through movement becomes a prayerful expression.

Our Approach
Our approach to facilitation is to create safety and trust in the group through resonance, so that authentic expression can take place.  We encourage breath, movement and sound to open the body and allow things to move more easily.  We have trained for over two years with the Originator of The Dancing Heart Path, Guy Barrington - see below:

Shanti's Background
Also includes:
  • a life-long journey with dance, exploring many forms including Ballroom, Latin American, African, Five Rhythms, Biodanza and Argentine Tango, plus a regular Yoga practice
  • experience of teaching and facilitating Mindfulness and personal development groups
  • Reconnective Healing and 'The Reconnection'.
Michael's Background
Also includes:
  • Argentine Tango, Biodanza and Five Rhythms, plus a regular Tai Chi practice
  • experience of facilitating groups including courses in Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication
  • a specialism in trauma with awareness of how the body deals with trauma imprints and releases trapped energy, plus a long journey (in the past) with breath work and re-birthing.