Trauma is something we experience at some time or other, as we go through life - it's part of being human.  And, as humans we are desinged to be able to cope with it, in the most part.  However, sometimes our ability to cope in an 'emergency' is overwhelmed and we experience something where we do not have the internal and/or external resources to meet the challenge presented to us.  This leaves a trauma 'imprint' in our system - something not fully processed.  Trauma is not just the 'big' things that people imagine like violence, illness, accident or death.  It might also include being lost as a child or falling off your bike when there was no-one there to help you.

Dr Peter A Levine is the originator of Somatic Experiencing - an approach specifically designed to help heal trauma.  His book entitled 'Waking the Tiger - Healing Trauma' is very useful resource.  The video below gives you a glimpse of what this approach is all about.

1:1 Sessions we both have extensive experience of working with trauma (in various ways) but if Peter Levine's appoach specifically interests you, then contact Michael as he uses this in his work.