Counselling with Shanti
My approach is Person-Centred which, I pesonally like to view, as a 'Heart-Centred way of Being'.  This means, I aim to create a relational space where you feel safe enough to be fully who you are – not who you ‘want’ to be or think you ‘should’ be.  It is through this process (including the connection and trust we build together) that you might begin to find compassion for your wounds and ability to embrace parts of yourself that have been rejected and cast into the shadows.

Compassion is an essential ingredient in the healing relationship, I seek to provide this until you can find it for yourself.  As I have worked with mindfulness over a number of years, I can also work by guiding your awareness into what is happening for you in your body, if you wish.  This is often a level at which deep healing can happen.  Equally, there are energy psychology tools which I have found useful which I am willing to share with you.  I am also open to working creatively with materials and objects that are available in the space.  But the key to it all, is that you feel comfortable guiding the style and pace of the work as you are the only expert in your internal world.

Initial sessions (at a reduced rate) are an opportunity to see if I am the right person to work with you at this time.  You can ask questions about my background and experience, whilst I explain the commitment that working together entails.

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