Counselling with Michael
It is challenging to define a typical session, as each is always different. However, my sessions tend to start with supporting you to settle and orient to the environment we are in and with yourself - in other words, your inner and outer world as it unfolds in the present moment.  As part of this process, I allow some space for us to meet in silence and stillness, so that you have an opportunity to connect more deeply to what you are with or what may spontaneously arise from this place.

There may be a need for you to express some 'story' about what brings you to see me and, whilst I fully receive the content and context (which informs our work), I also observe what is being expressed through your body ‘in the present moment’.  For example, movement, tone of voice, posture, breath and any other subtle ways your body expresses itself.  Using my intuition and attunement, to that which at times is unspoken, I may at times use words, to direct your awareness to your inner felt experience and support you to connect to this more fully and the meaning that lies within it. If what you meet, is uncomfortable or painful, I will guide you if needed, how to come into relationship with this experience with more spaciousness and awareness.  

At other times, I may simply recieve you in presence, or perhaps reflect back underlying feelings and needs.

Presence is a powerful force to bring forth naturally that which is most calling your attention for healing.  This may be something you are already aware of in your life (and may have related in your 'story' at the start) or it may manifest as something that has hitherto been held just beyond the edge of your awareness.  As the session unfolds, there is usually an organic flow and what ever arises in the present moment from this place, I encourage you to meet, with some curisosity, and openness, to allow the possibility of connecting, with what may be being communicated beyond perhaps the familiar  thought based and the cognitive ways of seeing things.

The relationship we establish is fundamental to the work we do and can be a rich ground for learning and understanding,   particularly around unhelpful patterns of how you do other relationships in your life and through this understanding the  possiblity of how to make more concious choices and changes in your life.

Throughout the session I support you, if needed, to develop tools and skills to learn to track and navigate this unfolding inner landscape and its direct experience in the body.  For many people this way of experiencing themselves is completely new, where as for others it is already familiar.  I make no assumptions about what skills, abilities and knowledge you already have for this kind of work, nor what you want from each session.  You have time to talk, as much as you need to, perhaps the whole session will be talking,  if that's what you choose and I will receive you at a depth level with empathy and compassion.‚Äč